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The early English S. porch of Northiam Church bears on its E. quoins two primitive sundials generally known as " scratch " dials.
[vide Mr. Whitley's article in S.A.C. vol. lx. p. 126].

The lower and better preserved dial is cut on the S. face

(12-in. x 8-in.) of a block of hard ferunginous limestone—like that of the Norman tower.

The hole for the " style " is 4-ft. 3-in. above the ground ; 1˝-in. deep and ˝-in. in diameter. No trace of the style remains

The incised lines which radiate downwards from the style-hole end on a semicircle of 3˝-in. radius.

Some ten rays can be traced. Those marking the "canonical " hours are rather more strongly marked and end in slight pits on the semicircle.

The S. face of the paler sandstone quoin above this presents a second dial the style-hole of which is defaced by an iron bar piercing the stone for retentive purpose.

Nine rays 3˝-in. long are traceable but no semicircle.


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